Monday, November 17, 2008

Life is Good

Been busy lately but have been keeping up with everyone else's blog- just haven't updated mine lately.
Home: Just bought a "big girl bed" for Kaitlin at my house. She has been informing me that she needs a bigger bed because she is a big girl now. I bought 2 so I can have 2 matching twins in the room and they came from an unfinished furniture store so they must be stained. I hope to post pictures after I get them finished over the Thanksgiving holidays.
Thanksgiving: We are going to be staying home over the holidays. Mike, Rachel and Christopher are going to Disney World!! I think Kandis, Rex and the kids will be at her dad's but I am not sure right now. I am cooking if anyone needs a place to eat.
School: We have our last GED test until January this week. We are testing Thurs. and Friday. Cram sessions are happening daily and I have threaten the kids so I hope they ALL pass. The test results will not be in until Dec. 5-8th. If they don't pass, they will need to attend all of Dec and January until the next test and we haven't gotten a schedule-- so no telling how long-YUCK! I have 6 high school kids on roll and am working with about 6 adults in the afternoons. It is funny to think that I am swamped with my few kids now when I was teaching 75 a day. I do still love my job even though I chewed some butt today in class and I think they got the message. Also, we are having a GED celebration on December 2nd to celebrate those high school students and adults who have gotten their GED since I started teaching GED classes. I hope it will be a good turnout but have only gotten a few RSVP's so I will be on the phone after testing on Thurs and Friday to get some confirmations.
Me: I have been busy planning home made gifts for Christmas. I am making my list and checking it twice!! I will be busy with night class Tuesday night, starting on the beds Wednesday, "stampin up" meeting on Thursday, bingo on Friday and then working on the beds again over the weekend. Once the room is done, then I am working on GIFTS!!!! I am cooking for Thanksgiving so I will squeeze that in there somewhere.
Bingo: I have been going but I can't remember if I told you that Otto had moved to Wiggins to be closer to his daughter so she can take care of him. He was the one with the walker. Thomas still comes and when I say hello to him, he says, "Hello Darling" and it just makes my night. Last week we both won and I guess my "lucky charm" has tarnished because he no longer slips me a $5, :-) . He is so funny with his wise cracks at the bingo caller and he is a pretty good artist too. He has sketched a few face while we are on "break" and he likes it when I comment on his work.
Life is Good


kmoye said...

well, you better check that list twice and don't give Kaitlin too many. Oma doesn't need to out do Santa : )

The Coleman Chronicles said...

Oma would not out do Santa-- I promise! I am only purchasing what I have been told --