Monday, March 23, 2009

Breaking Dawn

I have finished the Twilight series!! WOW-- I am still going over everything in my head. I am satisfied with the book and how it ended. I am not going to say any details because my best friend, Becky, is going to read them next. She has watched me cry, read until midnight, and think about these books constantly. Stephanie Meyer did a wonderful job of writing because she engrosses you in the story and you become entangled in it so much that you have a hard time getting it out of your mind. It (the story) becomes a part of your thinking process in everyday activitites. Heck, I have even thought about Jacob and Seth running the perimeter of the Cullens house while I was teaching my students about perimeter on the white board. I'm up there drawing a picture and the whole time I am picturing the scene from the book-- yes, it is that bad or good-- which ever way you want to look at it.

I must now filter through my thoughts and put the story to rest in my mind.
I am content with the ending of the story and yes, I do see how she could continue the story should she ever want to write more about Bella and Edward---hmmmm.

Added note: And why does it all happen in a high school setting?? Here I am grading papers and thinking about these characters-- again-- and wishing that mine were as smart as the Cullen Clan!!! Geeezzz-- I guess while my students are testing tomorrow, my mind will be back with the Cullens--


Gina said...

Glad you enjoyed the ending. Satisfying, but still dont want to let go of the characters! Thats me! Now to watch the Twilight DVD and special features over and over!!! I loved listening to Stephenie describe herself writing and learning more about her, she is super talented and I would read anything she wrote!!!

kmoye said...

i ditto gina's comment!
And add, read The Host...its shows the meyer isn't a one hit wonder.

Shawna Black said...

Weren't the books just great! Just loved it! Jamie and I had a slumber party and watched the special features. Sheridan loves it too! She can't get over Edward!