Friday, June 19, 2009

Bingo Update

I thought that it would be time for an update on my friends from bingo. Mr. Otto (83 yrs. old) is back with us. He has moved back to Biloxi so I have been calling the numbers out to him again. He is a joy to be around. Mr Thomas (82 yrs old) is still going strong. As a matter a fact, I had Becky bring him some of my homemade bread during her lunch break from school one day and he was out trying to start his push lawnmower so he could mow his back yard. He said it hurt his shoulder to pull crank it so Becky did it for him.

I have been making bread for Mr. Thomas for quite sometime now and last week I brought Mr. Otto 8 small loaves of bread. Well, tonight I brought each of them 4 small loaves. They told me it was the best bread they ever put in there mouths-- see why I like them so much.

So back to bingo, Mr. Thomas hasn't won in a couple of weeks at our VFW bingo but he does play at a couple other places and wins. Mr. Otto won $250 tonight on the pull tabs-- I never play them. But, I have won the consolation prize on the jackpot the last 3 times I have played. It is only $100 each time but I feel like I am winning thousands. Tonight I won a total of $175--- I see more stuff for my "playhouse"-- wiring and insulation???

Just wanted to share my good news

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Shawna Black said...

That is so cool you make bread for them both. That is very sweet of you. Congrats on the win! WOO-HOO! New toys for the playhouse!