Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Clutter Attracts Clutter

No-- this isn't an autobiography. This is a famous saying by the "Flylady." Those of you who know of her understand this concept but those who don't may thinkI have really lost it.

Let me explain. is an online network that provides motivation through emails to help you clean up the chaos (clutter) in your homes. The Flylady has many saying that I had posted on sticky pads and stuck them to my kitchen window to motivate me keep the kitchen clean-- I removed them a couple of days before the family reunion-- Now I can't see the kitchen bar anymore, I know it was there a couple of weeks ago. So I am making new reminders and am going to get back into the habit of decluttering my "hotspots"- like the kitchen bar.

You might be wondering why I would need such a thing as reminders and the Flylady. Well, I am not a born organizer, somewhere I missed that gene from Mom. Steve, Mike and Gina all got that gene but I am thinking because I was born a month earlier that the gene didn't have time to develop. Now don't get me wrong, Steve has some clutter but he keeps the majority of it here in Mississippi and then lives in Louisisana-- not a bad idea. Mike- heck, you can walk in his house and it is perfect everyday (I am thinking he must have elves or something and his house was always cleaner than mine even when he was a bachelor!). Gina has 4 kids, a husband, and a two story house to take care of and it looks awesome all the time. I just don't get it on how they don't have clutter-- my clutter attracts more clutter. That is why I need the Flylady and daily reminders-- it is a sad state of affairs. I wonder if more premature/early babies have clutter problems. Maybe we should conduct a study on it-- hmmm.

Anyway, the whole purpose of this post is to let you know-- like you really needed to know-- that I am on a mission to declutter my home and keep it that way. It will take time but it will all be worth it.

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Gina said...

Its my husband who is the Born Organized one. But it certainly rubs off on you. Kinda strange how I have morphed into being more organized and how good it feels to finally get there. Baby steps. You are well on your way, sis!