Friday, July 25, 2008

Friday Night Bingo

I just returned from the local VFW from a night of bingo. Out of the 50 people there, I was one of the handfull that was under the age of 50!! I hadn't had a chance to play since the family reunion so tonight I decided to attend. Now, you may be wondering why I have chosen to play at the VFW with a bunch of "old" veterans. Actually, I have met 2 nice old men and they are my buddies at the bingo hall. Thomas and Otis are their names and they play 2 times a week. Thomas uses a cane and told me that he was at Pearl Harbor when it was bombed. Otis has a walker and told me that he was in the Navy many moons ago. They call me their lucky charm because at least one of them will win when I come to bingo. Thomas will "slip" me $5 after he wins saying that I am his lucky charm and he wants to buy me a sandwich. I told him he didn't need to do that but he insisted. The winnings range from $25 to $40 for the regular games. I help keep an eye on their cards and let them know if they miss a number. Otis wears glasses and can't see the ball on the monitor so I call out the numbers so he can get a head start on marking his cards before the number/ball is called. He won tonight ($40)-- Thomas wasn't there. It tickles me to watch them win. Of course, I like to win too and I won $25 tonight. Woo-Hoo

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Gina said...

That just made me smile the whole time I read it! How cute! I love little old men. Especially, bald ones! Seriously! Maybe its because I never really had a grandpa. Sounds like fun! And congrats on the winnings!