Sunday, August 24, 2008

How sweet it is

There is nothing sweeter than being an Oma and being able to enjoy your granddaughter. Today we took a walk in the rain (sprinkles really). It started with feeding the fish in Mr. Arlin's pond and then we had to pick up the Sunday paper at the end of the driveway and then we had to take a walk on the "trail" which is a bamboo lined path. What a day!!!!!!!!


kmoye said...

What a cute granddaughter you have, she must take after her mom. And I bet she's smart like her mom too and funny and.... : )

Gina said...

very sweet, I would like to say that I cant wait for those days, but I am afraid they will come all too quickly!
I do know that being a grandma will be even sweeter than being a mom, even thought mommy-ing is pretty darn sweet!