Tuesday, August 26, 2008

I am waiting for.....

1. My new grandson who will be here shortly. Heck, depending on the doctors visit today, he might be here soon than later!!

2. Hurricane Gustav to decide what direction he will take -- left, right, straight ahead????

3. My trip to see Mom and Lyman!! Road Trip here I come-- okay, air trip here I come!!!

4. My cholestrol to go down -- okay, so I didn't take my medicine every day (tried everyother day) so since that didn't work, I will take it everyday -- darn it.

5. My weight to decrease-- The Flylady says to weigh everyday, first thing in the morning-- I disagree. Why start everyday off in a bad mood? I am thinking of weighing once a week-- maybe

6. Publishers Clearing House to arrive at my door with my multimillion dollar check.

WOW-- I can only think of 6 things-- Life is good!!

1 comment:

bkmarshall said...

Hope all went well with Kandis and the doctor's visit. Imagine - you not taking your medicine as prescribed!