Tuesday, December 30, 2008

New Moon

Yes, I have finished the book I received for Christmas and it was wonderful. Someone had made the comment that they thought it was a "slow" read but I found it to be very good. I am going to start Eclipse next and can't wait. At least with this series, I am reading it now that all of the books are out and you can read one after the other, but of course, that could be a disadvantage because then you have nothing to look forward to read. I have found myself constantly thinking about the characters in the book and I am thinking that this is insane. How can someone enjoy reading a love story about vampires and like I told my sister, Bella will either become one or not so how can she(the writer) have 4 books about this-- Yes, there is more to it than that. I am going to take my time reading the next book to make it last longer or I could read through them and then reread them like "others" I know.

If you haven't started the series-- DO SO!!

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Gina said...

Ha Ha! The bug (or vampire) bit you! Second one isnt what you expected? I love that we can identify (to a point) with her, because we have all felt the pain of a bad breakup. And i think that makes you connect with her more. And then to choose between two good things! Enjoy!

And good luck with reading it slow! It didnt work for me!!!