Saturday, December 20, 2008

Yes- it has been awhile!!

Okay, Okay--

Time to keep up and move my "McDreamy" down a notch. You should be aware that the only reason I haven't posted in the last month is because I didn't want to lose McDreamy.
Where has the past month gone? It really has flown by and now I am wondering what will happen as these 2 weeks I have off begin slipping away. I guess I better type faster.

I have been spending my days getting ready for the holidays. I want to make cookies this week and would like to have my "little helper" come over and help me make some cookies. I even bought an apron for her today and will put a couple of special butterflys on it (iron ons). I told her that I would make her an apron and even though it wouldn't take long to whip one up on the sewing machine, I found one for $3 at Hobby Lobby's so I will "make it" with a couple of iron on's and I will become one special Oma!!

Bed update- I did get them finished and even made some curtains-- yes, made those. I plan on making a couple of throw pillows to go on top of my bedspreads that match the curtains, which I don't have yet and that is why I haven't posted a picture. I want it to look grrrreeeeaaatttt and since I haven't found any bedspreads yet-- no pictures.

I promise to post again -- soon!!

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Gina said...

glad to see you posting again!! I have not been posting much either. seems hard to find things to inspire me lately! send me some of Lil K's special cookies!