Sunday, May 17, 2009

It is Official

I have placed the order for my "scrapbooking shed" that will also hold my laundry room in the back. I ordered a 12 by 30 building and am sooooo excited. Yes, I know I have a problem but at least having a place to crop will keep me at home!!!

It should be here in about 3 weeks so we have a couple of trees to cut down and we are ready. I am already making diagrams of how to put the shelves, countertops and my tables. It is going to be a dream come true. It will be big enough to host my own scrapbooking weekends and we are putting in a bathroom too. Of course there will be a small frig. Heck, if I could have gotten it alittle bigger, I could have moved a bed out there too!

Let me tell you a litte about it since I can't find a picture to post. It will be 12 feet across the front and 30 feet deep. It has a 4 foot front porch and the front door has the large window like on the cottage. It will have 5 windows, one on the front and 2 on each side. I plan on putting in at least 2 stain glass windows inbetween the windows on each side. We are going to put up a wall in the back about 7 feet from the end and the will have the washer, dryer (yeah), small deep freezer and the bathroom. There will be a back door (that was extra along with 2 of the windows) anyway, I will be able to exit to hang out clothes instead of going through the front.

So, if you are around about the middle of June, stop by and see it-- and you can help if you want. We will be putting in the electrical, insulation, sheetrock and then painting!! Woo Hoo


Shawna Black said...

Woo-hoo! I am so excited for you!!! I hope you can post a picture of it soon! Congrats!

kmoye said...

yay! here's to happy scrapbooking in your very own room!

Shawna Black said...

It looks so awesome, can't wait until it is up and running for you!

The Coleman Chronicles said...

The picture is one from the website. Mine will be wider than that and will not be that color. I have order a taupe color because I plan on painting it to match the house but not sure what color the house will be-- yet.