Sunday, May 3, 2009

Random bits of info

I have an addiction-- scrapbooking and card making. It is so bad that next week I am going to order a 12x30 building with a porch to use for my hobby and a small portion will hold a washer and dryer.

The Pond-- you know it is time to shock the sh#t out of the pool when your 4 year old granddaughter asks if when she will be able to swim in the pond. So that is what we did this afternoon and it is already looking good! I scooped out leaves and scrubbed the sides with a new brush and pole.-- Woo-Hoo, just thought you would want to know.

Water bugs-- where do they come from?? How do they get in your pool??

Birthday party-- I had a wonderful birthday. On the Friday night before the "big" day, we went out to dinner (Mom, Lyman, Mike, Rachel, Chris, Kandis, Becky and I) to a Japanese hibachi grill where the chef cooked our dinner right in front of us. It was super-- they even had surprised me with the "servers" singing Happy Birthday to me and I shared my ice cream and fried banana's with them. Mom and Lyman had to leave on Saturday so since it was my birthday, I decided to go to a scrapbooking thing-- well, they surprised me with gifts and 2 birthday cakes!!! See, I have good friends along with a good family.

May-- wow, it is here already. It is the down hill slide for school teachers and I am sooooo excited. It's not like I don't love my job but am ready to sleep in everyday!!

That's all for now--

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kmoye said...

i'm ready for the pool! cannot wait to get Reese in it. he LOVES bathtime so he should love swimming. I think it might be Kaitlin's year for no arm floats. We will see, i'm so excited!