Monday, October 6, 2008

Elmo and Kaitlin

This past Saturday, Kandis and I and the kids went to Zonta which is a fall arts and crafts fesitval held in Pascagoula. We did a lot of looking and I bought a piece of pottery but the main event was Elmo. They had a section set up for kids with a couple of jumping things, people making balloon animals and a rock climbing wall. As Kaitlin was bouncing, I spotted Elmo and asked her if she would like to see Elmo-- needless to say, she was out of the bouncer and in Elmo's arms in a flash.


Pam said...

Aww... how cute!

Thank you for coming and looking at my blog. Gina inspired me to give the whole blog thing a go! I actually didn't remember that you were a teacher. I still remember going to to see you when I was, gee, 16? That was a long time ago!! I have pictures out on an island... in a military thing? Not sure what it actually was? I may start doing some flash back Fridays like Gina and post some old pictures!

Good to hear from you...

bkmarshall said...

Hate I missed you at Zonta! We were there around lunchtime. It was too hot to stay very long though.