Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Thoughtful Tuesday

I am currently putting together a GED celebration to recognize all of my participants that have passed the GED test. I would like for the school district to purchase each participant a t-shirt with a motivational saying on it. I don't want the shirt to "advertise" that they have a GED but just something that will remind them of what they have accomplished.

I searched the internet and have come up with a list of 14 saying that I felt would be appropriate for the occassion. I then had the students pick their topic 3 from the list and then tallied the results.

I would like to get your feedback on the top 3 sayings to help me make the choice. They are listed in no particular order.

1. It's never too late
to be what you
might have been.

2. Forget past mistakes.
Forget past failures.
Forget everythning except
what you are going to do now
and DO IT.

3. Motivate yourself.
The most successful people in life
are self starters....
They don't rely on others to get going.

Post your selection in your comment.


Gina said...

Hmmmmm... those are all really good, and certainly words to live by. I am gonna have to go for #1. For a shirt, probably short a sweet and people wouldnt have to stare too long to read it. But I do love #2 also.

And Keira was totally weirded out by me taking a picture. She was like What? Am I in trouble or not, because I was laughing too. And I said Hold the Marker like This. And she did and just stared at me while I laughed and took her pic. Too funny!

Gina said...

Also I LOVE the blog background! CUTE!

kmoye said...

Thats a hard one. But #1 is perfect for an older GED student but #2 is good for the young students. Thats my opinion, both!

Gina said...

Mom says she likes #3

Fishy Busyness said...

Pimp My Blog, huh?! I like #1.