Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Bingo update

I have been meaning to update you on my progress at bingo. I am still eating the 2 pieces of pizza that my two old friends save for me each week and I tell them that they are going to make me fat. The past couple of weeks I have been lucky and have won a bingo or two until this past Friday. Let me explain

When I arrived last Friday only Otto was sitting at our table and when I looked around, I noticed Thomas was sitting with his daughter and son-in-law. So I went over and said my hellos to Thomas and told him that Otto and I would miss him and then I wished him luck. I purchased my cards, my coke and went to settle in with Otto. After about 10 minutes of socializing her comes this 10-12 year old girl to give Otto a hug-- Otto then realizes that his daughter and granddaughter are there and he gathers his cards, his coke and his walker and goes to sit with his daughter. So there I am sitting by myself. I swore I took a shower before I went to work that morning. Needless to say, it was very uneventful. The ladys who sit at the table in front of us said "wow Lisa, it is odd not hearing you call the numbers to Otto and that is so sweet that you that for him." Well, that comment was the highlight of my night because I didn't win anything.

As I was cleaning up to leave, Otto comes rolling up with his walker and he was mad. He said that he will not be going back to sit with them because he couldn't hear the caller and he missed a bingo. So he "knows" how much he needs me!!!

Anyway, I do plan on going back this Friday and winning some money!! I will keep you posted :-)

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Gina said...

How sad that they wouldnt repeat the numbers for him. Well, I bet you wont be by yourself next week!
Good luck!
Love you!