Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Let me tell you about my weekend

I had so much fun last weekend at a "scrapbook retreat" and I accomplished so much that am ready to go again. You see, I have pictures and pictures that are developed and need to be in a scrapbook (fancy photo album) and I have to make time to put them together.
This retreat was in d'Iberville so it was close to home but it was away from home so you could actually get something done with a bunch of other ladies who like to do the same thing. We started Friday afternoon at 4 where I met the first 4 of my new friends: Becky, Gina, Lisa and Brenda. I proceeded to tell them that I would not forget their names because I already have a friend named Becky and one named Brenda, Gina is my sisters name and heck- I'm Lisa. Of course there where more people, I think the total was 16 and I only remember about half of their names. We worked Friday night, all day Saturday and Sunday until about 2pm. I learned many new tricks and saw some gadgets that I might put on my Christmas list. I also completed 20 scrapbook pages-- Woo Hoo- Woo- Hoo- Woo-Hoo. I am so proud of myself and am looking forward to the next weekend retreat!!!
Okay- yeah, I don't have much of a life!! ;-)

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kmoye said...

you should have added pics of your handywork. they are some great pages.