Saturday, January 10, 2009

We workout on the Wii

WOW: What fun it is to be a kid again!!!

We have purchased a Wii and have been having a blast playing all the games. My favorite is bowling but I am also enjoying the tennis and am learning how to hit the ball on the baseball game. I have every intention of getting the Wii fit because I have heard that it will help me get into shape. I had sore muscles the first 2 weeks and now am getting in better shape-- I have lost 3 pounds so far with my diet and my game playing. I bowl 2 games, play at least 3 tennis rounds and then 2 games of baseball each night except for Friday night. I did play a little last night before bingo but not my full routine.

You might be thinking that my motivation for losing weight would be a "New Years Resolution" but actually it is something as simple as "my best friend weighs 13 pounds less than me" motivation. Laura and I have been friends for about 30 years-- gosh, I am getting old -- anyway, her and I have always been within a couple of pounds of each other. Of course, she has had 5 kids and I have only had one but that doesn't matter. What matters is the fact that she weighs less and I can't stand it. So I must get my act together and do this----


Gina said...

I have seen Ben and Chandler have a blast on it, but havent been able to get myself real motivated yet. It certainly looks fun!

! I have the Wii Fit and I made a Mii and then it asked me to step on the Wii Fit Balance Board, and my cute little Mii went ((PLUUUUMP!)) and got all FAT on me!!! What???? Not nice.

Stop laughing. Its not funny.

So needless to say I havent had the guts to step back on....

Tara said...

I find the Wii so much fun too! Sometimes I get a little bored, but that's b/c Hannah & Casey are way better than I am (except for the carnival games =) I usually get into working out every few months then the desire fizzles, so I am back at square one. I really enjoy the Wii Fit b/c I can run in my living room, w/ the remote in my pocket & some music on, for long periods of time & not get bored (or freeze outside.)Plus, I make myself 2wk goals to achieve. The hula-hooping is fun too, Casey likes the stepping activity, & Hannah loves doing pushups/planks.